BioThane® dog collar 'Burgundy'
BioThane® dog collar 'Burgundy'
BioThane® dog collar 'Burgundy'
BioThane® dog collar 'Burgundy'
BioThane® dog collar 'Burgundy'
BioThane® dog collar 'Burgundy'
BioThane® dog collar 'Burgundy'
BioThane® dog collar 'Burgundy'

BioThane® dog collar 'Burgundy'

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The classic BioThane® collar is the perfect dog accessory for daily activity and walks with your dog. It is suitable for all dogs and breeds. 4hound collar is made of vegan leather, which is known for many benefits, from easy care, durability and softness for the skin of both dog and owner.

A combination of extra strong core fabric and polymer coating makes for an amazing material with many benefits for dog gear.

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Technical specifications

What you get when you buy 4hound BioThane® dog gear?


Our collars do not stink when they are wet. We need to walk our dogs even if it rains. The PVC coating doesn't absorb water, so just wipe off the wet collar with a dry towel and you're done. No more smelly dog gear, no more waiting hours for dog gear to dry completely.

Note: Our products are not suitable for salty water (sea)!

Gentle to the skin

Biothane® was originally developed for horse harnesses, so it needs to be soft and gentle on the animal's skin and hair. The same is for dogs and humans. When your dog pulls, the collar will not tug on his fur or hurt his skin or yours in any way. No matter what, our products are always gentle on you and your dog.


Thanks to the strong core fabric, our products are almost indestructible. But we can not assure you that your dog will not chew them up. Of course, he can chew through them in the middle. Make sure that you do not leave the collar uncontrolled in their reach.

Good grip

Thanks to the PVC coating, our products provide a good grip. The collar is strong and soft at the same time, so it will not hurt your dog's skin or pull his fur even if the dog pulls.


Due to the smooth surface made of PVA coating, our collars are also antibacterial. Mites can't penetrate into the surface, so they are perfect for dogs with allergies, as our products do not irritate their skin.

Easy to clean

The smooth surface makes cleaning more than easy. When the BioThane® classic collar gets dirty, simply wash it under water, rub it a little, and wipe it down with a clean towel or tissue. And your 4hound dog collar is ready for the next adventure again.

Something does not suit you and your dog perfectly?

That's no problem! We make many products to order and can customise the product to fit your needs. Size, dimensions, colour, additional elements...

Do not hesitate to contact us and let us know your wishes.


It's good to know where your products are made

All 4hound products are handmade from the first cut to the last detail in Slovenia, Europe. Every single collar in our collection is made with the mission to bring you only the best product with a combination of love and designer touch.