BioThane® reflective dog leash
BioThane® reflective dog leash
BioThane® reflective dog leash
BioThane® reflective dog leash
BioThane® reflective dog leash
BioThane® reflective dog leash
BioThane® reflective dog leash
BioThane® reflective dog leash
BioThane® reflective dog leash
BioThane® reflective dog leash
BioThane® reflective dog leash
BioThane® reflective dog leash
BioThane® reflective dog leash
BioThane® reflective dog leash

BioThane® reflective dog leash

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Winter days are short, so there is no way we can escape walks in the dark. At 4hound, we have therefore upgraded our high-quality BioThane® products. Our reflective leash will make you noticeable even in the dark. The imaginatively added reflective foil in a fashionably designed pattern is a beautiful and special addition during the day, while in the dark it serves to reflect light when you’re e.g. illuminated by car, public lighting…

 126 cm 16 mm
49.61 in 0.63 in

At 4hound, we always strive to make the product extremely useful and design-perfect at the same time. Why would you have boring leashes and collars with reflective tape over the entire surface if you can have a designer piece that you will proudly take with you for a walk anywhere? The combination of extremely grateful and durable BioThane material and reflective foil delivers a top product that you have never seen on the market to such an extent.

4hound BioThane® dog products are made from high quality and certificated material. A combination of extra strong inner core webbing and Polymer coating give us an amazing material with many benefits for dog gear.  BioThane® is also called vegan leather because it looks, but the best thing is that all features of BioThane® are even better compared to leather. 

*Note that colours in reality may vary because of different screen settings. 

Reflective set contains

Regular leash

The universal and minimalist leash in black has a silver reflective foil on the handle and next to the snap hook, which ensures good visibility in the dark. Why reflective part at two places? The handle indicates where you are, and at the same time, it is the most stable part of the leash, which will surely be noticed by others. The beginning of the leash at the snap hook reminds of your dog, so that about 1 meter from you is someone else to whom passing drivers must pay attention.


White or black collar

The collar in white or black has a silver reflective foil positioned over most of the surface. So no matter how you change the circumference of the collar, surely most of the reflective surface will be visible.


Reflective pendant

The reflective pendant is an extremely useful and universal accessory. You can attach it to your clothes, backpacks and it will help you be more visible in the dark. You can also attach it to the handle of a leash if you use a classic leash that does not have a reflective effect. A small and light carabiner ensures easy attachment.


What you get when purchasing 4hound BioThane® dog gear


Our leashes do not stink while they are wet. We need to take our dogs on a walk even if it’s raining. Polymer coating does not absorb water, so you simply wipe the wet leash with a dry towel and it’s done. No more stinky dog equipment, hours and hours of waiting that dog gear dries totally.

Note: Our products are not suitable for salty water (sea)!

Gentle to the skin

Biothane® was firstly made for horse harnesses, therefore needs to be soft and gentle for skin and pet’s hair. The same is for dogs and humans. When the dog pulls, leash and collar don’t remove his coat or anyhow hurts him/her or your skin. No matter what, our products will always take care of you and your pooch. 


BioThane® is very durable. Thanks to the strong inner core webbing our products are almost indestructible. But we can’t assure you your dog will not chew them. Of course, they can bite them in half.

Be careful not to leave leash within their reach out of your control.

Good grip

Because of polymer coating, our products give you a good grip. The polymer coating is at the same time strong and soft, and because of that does not hurt dog skin or pull his fur even if a dog pulls. 


Because of all the benefits that you read up, BioThane® products are also antibacterial. You can easily maintain them, clean them, they are all the time dry and the surface is too smooth for parasites to stick on material.

Easy to clean

Smooth surface makes cleaning more than easy. When leash is dirty because of mud or any other reason, just wash it underwater, rub a little and wipe with a clean towel or tissue. And your BioThane® leash is ready for the next adventure.

Something does not suit you and your dog perfectly?

No problem! We made a lot of products by the order and we can tailor the product to your requirements. Size, dimensions, colour, additional elements…

Do not hesitate to contact us and tell us your wishes. 


It’s good to know where your products are made

All 4hound products are handcrafted from first cut to the last detail in a small Alp country called Slovenia in Europe.


Certificated material


Technical specifications