Can collar be a source of health problems for your dog?

Can collar be a source of health problems for your dog?

Last year in late August I got a call from an unknown person - behind unknown number was a lovely woman Lili with a mission to find the perfect gear for her sweet American Stafford Bo, who had a strong allergy on microbes and mites that can penetrate in textile products.

After a word or two about Bo’s reactions and explanation of what BioThane® is, we arranged for a test period of our BioThane® collar.

BioThane® is known as hypoallergenic and antibacterial material. Therefore, mites can’t penetrate into the surface of the material. The surface of BioThane® is made of TPU or PVC coating and feels like a super soft rubber which takes care of dog’s coat.

Hypoallergenic dog products are the ones that have fewer allergic reactions than other (textile) products. Especially when we talk about collars and leashes.


Before biothane collar and after 4hound collar

Have you ever thought that a collar can be a source of health problems for your dog?

“This is exactly what happened to us. At first, redness appeared on the skin around the neck and then it spread all over the chest and over the shoulders. It was followed: Veterinarian, various creams, shower preparations,… everything helped, but for a short time, says Lili"

Then Lili found our products and story continues: "It caught my attention because it is very pretty, but it offered a lot more than I initially thought."

What surprised Lili the most?

The collar was strong enough even for energetic and large dogs.

Lili recommends 4hound BioThane® collars because:

- can help with allergies
- it’s waterproof and easy to clean
- is suitable for large and strong dogs
- is quality handmade dog gear


After the test period, Bo is proud owner of our BioThane 'Red Deer' collar and
we are happy that with our products we can help you and your dogs to live the best version of this life - a life of pleasure without any pain. ♡

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