Tracking leash: How to choose the right one?

Tracking leash: How to choose the right one?

The tracking leash works as a preventative and is an indispensable tool in the (re)education of your dog. It gives a feeling of freedom to the dog, and a peaceful walk for you, because you know that the dog is still under control, but at the same time overjoyed because can sniff the meadow, jump in the sea or simply explore his/her surroundings. When my Lena and I started with a dog school, tracking leash was synonym for the most smelly and dirty leash, in which at the end I always entangled in it.  Not convenient at all, right?

Fortunately, it is much different today. Despite these flattering synonym, I am using training leas and I also recommend it to my students at KD Naklo when I notice that they are facing a recall problem. If you choose wisely the right tracking leash you can forget about smell and dirt on it. Check the text below and you will find what I am talking about.

KD Naklo dog school 

I asked my followers on Instagram for their opinion about tracking leash, when they use it and what was important when choosing the right one. I believe that the summary below will help you answer all the questions about leashes and make your choice easier.

"The tracking leash is a great thing because with it we allow Cor to explore the surrounding, we have him under control, and at the same time we don't worry that his nose will take him somewhere." Monika and Cor (@signor.cor)

When is the tracking leash most often used?

It acts as the guide's extended arm, the dog must trust us and we must trust him. The hardest thing for the leader (or owner) is the leap in the head "will my dog ​​obey me or will accidentally run away from me, what if he/she smells an animal and goes toward the smell ...". There is almost no owner who has not yet encountered the negative experience of another dog that runs to your dog, and his owner unsuccessfully shouted after him “come here, come on, stop, look I have food… ”. All in vain.

By teaching your dog a great 100% recall, you are not only benefiting yourself but also all the other dogs you meet to avoid the situation described above, perhaps even a fight between two strong characters who just don't go together.

"I use the tracking leash every day, and I would also recommend it to anyone whose dogs have not yet made a recall perfectly." Neja and Tilly (

But the long leash is not only suitable for consolidating the recall, but it is also extremely useful for more timid puppies when exploring new terrain when you do not know what awaits you around the bend. I would definitely recommend it for summer water adventures, especially in the river, you can be surprised by a strong current, or for winter joys when someone unexpectedly drops a rocket.

I must not forget, that such a leash is also needed in maintrailing and in IGP (tracking) competitions.

4hound tracking leash

What length to choose?

In terms of length, it depends on the owner himself and his/her purpose. For competitions it is necessary to have a specific length (if you do not find a suitable length on our website here, please contact us and we will make a leash according to your wishes), to consolidate the recall, for dog schools for walks, it depends on you, the owner.

Shorter leash Longer leash
Lighter Heavier
Less chance of getting entangled in it More chance of getting entangled in it
 You have less time to react if the dog accidentally wants to run away When your dog escapes you have more time to react and step on the leash
Less sense of freedom for your dog More sense of freedom for your dog as he/she is far enough away from you

How to choose the right tracking leash?

Users are unanimous that the purpose of the trail leash is to run nicely and you do not need to unravel the situation behind it all the time. Some have chosen a vivid colour of the leash because they want good visibility in the field, while others prefer calm colours where the dirt is not immediately noticeable. The handle offers easy holding of the leash (it can also be padded, for even better grip), while others do not want the handle, as the dog gets stuck faster. The key features of my followers in choosing were price, durability, weight, water-resistance and easy cleaning.

4hound leashes also include all of this.

“4hound waterproof leashes are made of a special material that retains its shape and length in all weather conditions. What is important, they don’t stink, especially when you go on a trip or training and at the end, you need to carry all the dirty dog ​​equipment in the car. After the activities, just wash and wipe the leash. Despite the fact that the leash is extremely durable, is at the same time gentle to the dog’s feet as well as the owner's hands.“ says competitor and international judge for IGP Božidar Simonič

What do I have to watch out?

These leashes are long, some even more than 10 m, so use it safely and responsibly. Watch where you walk and where you step, as it quickly gets tangled around your legs, or you step on it unnecessarily and tighten the dog. Always check your dog where is, avoid areas where there is a greater chance of getting entangled with objects (trees, public lighting, tree roots ...). During play with other dogs, you must always unleash your dog from training leash, as dogs can fast entangle with it and get injuries (paw injuries).

“I always clip the training leash to Bruno's harness and not to his collar. This is especially important when the dog escapes and you quickly step on the leash to stop him. If the dog would wear a collar, it could injure his neck due to the great force. ” Urška and Bruno (@bruno.the.hungarianvizsla)

Thanks also to all the other participants: Urška and Mona (; Ines, Dik and Art (@ines5_rovic); Laura and Viva (@vivahungarianvizsla); Neža and Oli (@oli_pei)

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