Did you already hear about BioThane® material and dog gear?

Did you already hear about BioThane® material and dog gear?

BioThane® is also called vegan leather. Why? It really looks similar, and feel is the same. But even better. It's a polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating. All good none of the animals wasn’t hurt for our products.

I believe you all know rainy walks with dogs, or having dog school training on muddy grass terrain. Well, that is life and must admit that also dogs love the muddy wet ground when everything smells even more and intensive.

But when coming back home is not that funny anymore. As a dog owner, you need to clean all the equipment. What a joy! Good luck that BioThane® material is waterproof and for cleaning, you only need water, dry tissue or towel and you can add a little bit of non-aggressive natural soap. Tadaaa – dog equipment is ready for the next adventure. Easy, right?

martingale BioThane collar

 However, this is just one of the benefits that Biothane® gear has. Let us only mention others: It allows you excellent grip in all weather occasions from low temperatures of Finland to hot summer form the seaside. Always in the same shape give you perfect control over your dog. BioThane was firstly made for horse harnesses is really durable. However, at the same time so soft for your skin and dog fur. Even when dog pulls, material can’t tear his coat away or hurt him anyhow.

All our dog equipment is handmade in Slovenia, BioThane® has a certificate and is made in the USA.

We offer you different products in many colours and sizes. From classic collars with side release buckles, martingale slip collars to leashes in various lengths. But you know what? Because we are a small brand and do almost everything when we get your order, we can customize products by your wishes. So please do not hesitate and tell us your desires – colour changes, different dimensions or other requirements. Contact us via email:info@4hound.com

 You can check Arden collection here.

Keep the Tail Wagging and keep us reading.


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