About us

4hound is brand for all dog lovers and owners who swear only by the best materials, have an eye for stylishly designed products and like to spend time with their best buddy, either in the city exploring, coffee breaks, nature trips or sporty activities. Our products are designed and created in Slovenia, Europe, with a mission to accompany all dogs and owners around the world on their adventures.

You are not buying products just for your dog. You are also buying them for yourself.

Best materials, comfort, tenderness to dog’s and owner’s skin, a touch of design – each product of 4hound is designed with this in mind.

When passion meets profession.

I am Ana Štucin, the founder of 4hound and a girl who joined passion and profession into a business. As a fashion designer and agility instructor, I feel comfortable in both worlds, and both gave me enough knowledge to create something new, something for you. As a dog owner and instructor, I know that products need to be durable, useful, soft, easy to the fur and skin and at the same time reliable. On the other side, as a fashion designer and lover of great and different creations, I know that all products can have something more added on top of quality. Something that drives you nuts. Something that is usual and what we are used too.

I believe that both the dog and the owner should never compromise with the style of their products.

The brand is realising my dreams of joining my two biggest passions, which I originally thought I could never connect and bring them alive together. All products are 100% designed and made by me from the first cut to the final package in the mail. Everything is made with passion and designed to make your daily life with your dog easier, prettier and freer.