Adjustable leashes

      8 products

      8 products

      4hound BioThane® adjustable leashes are handmade products from Slovenia for your furry four-legged friend. The durable and versatile leash you'll use every day is made from vegan leather called BioThane®. This material looks and feels like leather, but is made of strong polyester fabric that is coated with PVC and requires no maintenance. BioThane® is easy to clean, doesn't absorb dirt, water or smell, it's antibacterial and super sensitive to the skin. The two of you can now enjoy any weather, any environment, and any adventure without fear of damaging this beautiful Beta BioThane® collar.

      Anything else you'd like to add to the leash? Or change something? Well, we love a challenge and we love to make your ideas a reality. That's why we also offer custom designs. If the length, model or colour doesn't fit you perfectly, you can customise the product to your liking. Find the custom-made product on our website or contact us by email.

      The multifunctional leash is perfect for any occasion. Two snap hooks and many O-rings allow you to change the leash length whenever you need. It is the best leash to always have your dog under control - on walks or when hanging out with friends during coffee break.