BioThane® classic collars

2 products

2 products

Discover the timeless elegance and durability of our classic BioThane® collars at 4hound. Each collar in our collection is carefully crafted in Slovenia with love and designer touches, using vegan leather called BioThane®.

Choose from our wide range of regular collars, available in single or multi-colored options. The durable aluminium buckle with side release ensures both security and ease of use. BioThane® material was developed for horse harnesses, which is why it is super strong and durable, while on the other hand, it takes care of the dog’s fur and human skin.

Dreaming of a collar that seamlessly transitions from city strolls to outdoor adventures? Look no further. With 4hound's classic BioThane® collars, you can enjoy all weather conditions and terrains without worry. Our Beta BioThane® collars are built to withstand the elements, ensuring both style and practicality for you and your furry companion. The material is antibacterial and perfect for dogs with mite allergies.

Upgrade your dog's collar to the next level of style and functionality with 4hound's classic BioThane® collection.