BioThane® round slip leash 'Leather'

BioThane® round slip leash 'Leather'

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Introducing BioThane® Round Slip Leash - the perfect combination of collar and leash in one. Offering simplicity and adaptability for various training needs, slip leads tighten under tension and release when the tension subsides, making them essential tools for trainers.

Handmade by 4hound, our BioThane® Round Slip Leash boasts a comfortable grip and unparalleled tensile strength, ensuring unmatched reliability in any situation. Adjustable stoppers guarantee a secure fit around your dog's neck, preventing choking while keeping the lead firmly in place. Perfect for muddy trails and wet conditions, our waterproof leash is easily maintained with just a wipe, ensuring you and your pet are always prepared for your next adventure.

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